Teen Drivers Ed 
Course Requirements
This class contains the State of New Mexico requirements for driver education.  

~ All MVD Testing 
~ 30 hours of classroom instruction 
  • 6 Hours DWI Education 
~ 7 hours of behind the wheel instruction
~ Manual Transmission basic training (included free) -
   *We are the only school that teaches Manual Transmission
~ Handouts and materials to keep (included free) 
~ Certificate of Completion & Record of Completion From Drive Tech MVD for all MVD sites (1st issuance included free)

  • $150.00 (30 Hours Classroom Instruction)
  • $150.00 (7 Hours Driving)
  • $25.00 (Drive Tech does All MVD Testing: Permit Tests, Written Tests, & Road Tests)
Paid in full before, or at start is $300.00 ($25.00 Rebate)
Payment plan is $325.00
​        (No tax on cash or check)
        (7% charge for credit or debit payments) 

Additional Driving Add On's:(for those interested)

~ Teen Additional Driving Hours = $25-$50 for 1st hour, as low as $25 hour for multiple hours

-High School, or other Driving School Transfer Students starts @ $25 per hour

~ Any age Standard / Manual Transmission Training =
           $25-45 per additional hour (1st Hour $50)

~ Private Adult Lessons = $50 1st hour
      Additional hours (Based on Experience) $25-$50

~ New Mexico Written Exam = $25

~ New Mexico Road Test + MVD Paperwork for License = $50

~ Both New Mexico Written & Road Test, including 1 hour of driving + all MVD Testing & Paperwork = $100

Class Date:
Parents and students please read the following policies and procedures. Please sign and return this paper to your instructor. Failing to do so will result in Drive Tech holding the permit and/or certificate.
Graduated Licensing Program:
                Any student that enrolls in a class must be at least 15 to obtain their learner's permit. The learners permit must be held for a minimum of six months from the date of issue. During this six month probationary period the student will receive 7 driving hours with Drive Tech. During the six month probationary period the student must log 50 hours of driving time with a person 21 years or older that has been licensed to drive for 3 years or more. Ten of these hours must be done at night.
Drive Tech Policies and Procedures (Classroom / Driving):
                Drive Tech has a "No Refund" Policy, because we have no control over the student's ability to drive, maturity level and experience. If a student has epilepsy, has ever had seizures, or has any learning disabilities the instructor must be notified immediately. Drive Tech guarantees 30 hours of classroom time and 7 hours of driving training. If a student has to drop out, Drive Tech must be notified in letter signed by the parent/guardian. They may attend a future class as long as there is room in the class chosen. If the student has an excused absence, they must make up the work missed. If the student missed two or more days they must makeup those days with a future class. No student will be given a certificate of completion until after, this form has been signed and returned, all classroom and driving time completed, and have all fees paid in full. A %10 OPR charge will be added to all balances unpaid within 30 days of the start of class.
                Students must be well rested and alert the day that they are to drive. If a student fails to show up for a driving appointment or is reluctant to drive it could take up to 5 months to reschedule. When a student makes a commitment to drive it is expected by both the student and instructor to show up on time. The student/instructor will be allowed a 15 minute waiting period. The student should be informed of any previous appointments before scheduling driving time. Pick up/Drop off service is available upon request. However, there is no guarantee that the student can use this service every day of the class or after they have completed their driving time.  A $25 No-Call/No-Show may be applied if a Student/Parent fails to cancel within 24 hours of the scheduled drive time.  A $25 charge will be assessed for Returned Checks.
                It is Drive Tech's responsibility to ensure a safe and harassment free environment. No illegal drugs and/or alcohol will be allowed in a Drive Tech classroom or car. We will not tolerate any fighting or foul language. We do not tolerate any rude or insulting remarks about a student or instructor's race, religion, or personal orientation. There will be a professional relationship between the student and instructor at all times. Cell phones and music player's should be used respectfully and mainly during your individual free time. All students must be prepared and on time for class. Horseplay in Drive Tech cars will not be tolerated. A student, who defies above mentioned with be given a warning, and if needed and parent conference will be held. If the problem persists the student will be expelled with no refund.

Drive Tech Pass/Fail Clause: Passing any test (Road / Written / Permit) requires a minimum grade of 70%. If a student fails, they will be notified immediately, or will be given a call to schedule a retest date. Once a student fails a test they have to wait a minimum 1 week to retake any failed test. If a test is failed a second time the student will be given 1-6 months to schedule a retesting.

Our goal at Drive Tech is for the students to learn as much as possible about the rules of the road as well as defensive driving while enjoying a fun atmosphere.

If you have any questions or concerns call Drive Tech @ 505-369-1865.
Thank you for your time and business